How to add Embroidery files to your account

Load your DST files into your account to start placing orders!
Updated 1 year ago

Our Embroidery process requires a DST file. A DST file is a specifically designed art file that holds the specific stitches and runs for an embroidery design.

To start utilizing in Igniteware's on-demand embroidery, you will need to first upload your DST files into your embroidery artwork library. 

Adding a new DST file to your account

Step 1: Select to Add a new file

Step 2: Upload your DST file

Step 3: Name your artwork

Naming your file, allows you to easily recall it when adding it to an order. 

Tip: name your artwork with identifiers such as design name, thread color(s), and/or size.

Step 4: Select your sequences

Igniteware offers 15 standard thread colors, with the option to select a non-standard thread for an additional cost. 

Step 5: Save embroidery artwork file 

Your page will show a rendering, example below. This is meant to show thread sequence placement only. This digital rendering is not a true representation of the decoration. 

Don't see the thread color you need?

Igniteware is thrilled to offer a wide range of non-standard threads. For an additional cost, you are able to select a unique thread by changing the color pallet to "CUSTOM".

From there you are able to search by the thread name or number.

Now when you go to start a new embroidery order, your file will be ready for you to select and start building a design

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