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Updated 1 year ago

Igniteware takes the pesky administration steps required for order processing off your plate. This allows you to focus more time and effort on what really matters - growing your business with the next order!

To ensure we are supporting your business growth, we offer White Label services completely free of charge. When setting up your account, you will be prompted to input your business address. That address will be the default return address we use on all orders shipped from your account. It is just that simple!

We have even taken it a step further. We have added a feature to allow you to update that address on an order level. Prior to submitting your order, after a PO number has been inputted, you will see the text “Order will ship blind from..” with an edit button.

We enjoy being a part of your business, but want to ensure the focus always remains on you!

Please note we are unable to use PO Boxes as the return address. 
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